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Alchemy articles+chapters via Google Books

Edward Kelley's Heiroglyph + Basil Valentine's Emblem as Key http://bit.ly/fR7GO6 in Emblems and alchemy By Alison Adams, Stanton J. Linden

Number, Weight, Measure and Experiment in Chymistry http://bit.ly/eFAINs Alchemy Tried in the Fire: Starkey, Boyle and the Fate of Helmontian Chymistry

Gehennical fire: the lives of George Starkey, an American alchemist in the Scientific Revolution By William R. Newman http://bit.ly/fe8ZP0

William R. Newman: "Alchemy, Domination, + Gender" in A House Built on Sand: Exposing Postmodernist Myths about Science http://bit.ly/hu9MXh

Lawrence M. Principe: Reflections on Newton's Alchemy in Light of the New Historiography of Alchemy http://bit.ly/h6uRMi

Distilling knowledge: alchemy, chemistry, and the scientific revolution - By Bruce T. Moran http://bit.ly/fOIioe

Lawrence Principe on metaphor, "Revealing Analogies: Descriptive+Deceptive Roles of Sexuality+Gender in Latin Alchemy" http://bit.ly/e76mwf

Lawrence Principe and William R. Newman -- Some Problems with the Historiography of Alchemy http://bit.ly/gnumdT

Peter Forshaw, "Alchemical Exegesis: Fractious Distillations of the Essence of Hermes" http://bit.ly/eetQsy in Principe Chymists+Chymistry

Bruce Moran"The Less Well Known Libavius:Spirits Powers and Metaphors in the Practice of Knowing Nature" http://bit.ly/h0XpWe

Wouter Hanegraaff,Pseudo-Lullian Alchemy+Mercurial Phoenix:Correggio... De lapide philosophico http://bit.ly/f1pBb2 Chymists+Chymistry

Urszula Szulakowska: The Semiotic Structures of Renaissance Alchemical Imagery http://bit.ly/gjGmCG in The Alchemy of Light

The book of the secrets of alchemy By Constantinus (Pisanus), Barbara Obrist http://bit.ly/gFLoyE

Prospero's America: John Winthrop, Jr., alchemy, and the creation of New England culture, 1606-1676 http://bit.ly/ekAE2M

Prophecy, alchemy, and the end of time: John of Rupescissa in the late Middle Ages By Leah DeVun http://bit.ly/h4S701

"Human Heaven" John of Rupescissa's Alchemy at the End of the World Leah DeVun http://bit.ly/e0HSK4

"The atomism of Libavius was a rather evasive hybrid of alchemy, Renaissance Neoplatonism+Aristotelian mixture theory" http://bit.ly/hccOp8

William R. Newman, “The Homunculus and His Forebears: Wonders of Art and Nature,” in Natural Particulars http://bit.ly/hIqBBz

William R. Newman -- "Artificial Life and the Homunculous" in Promethean Ambitions http://bit.ly/eO8lCc

William R. Newman -- "Alchemy and the Art-Nature Debate" in Promethan Ambitions http://bit.ly/hetkNp

Retrying 17thC. Alchemy http://bit.ly/brMvDK How to Write about Alchemy workshop http://bit.ly/igGvTh 18thC. Chymistry http://bit.ly/gBwger

Paracelsus http://bit.ly/eM1upP http://bit.ly/fR0f40 http://bit.ly/hJPZub http://bit.ly/dLiJ9X http://bit.ly/flJyNV http://bit.ly/hJpIM6

Allison Coudert, "Probing Women and Penetrating Witchcraft in Early Modern Europe" http://bit.ly/fsjWr7

the metaphor of torturing nature is prevalent in the alchemical tradition http://bit.ly/foUAVZ

Atalanta Fugiens in "Emblems and Alchemy" http://bit.ly/dF0Y42 Frances Yates http://bit.ly/dY7KWm Joscelyn Godwin http://bit.ly/fMooXB

Urszula Szulakowsi on Atalanta Fugiens http://bit.ly/ex6S3y Versluis on AF http://bit.ly/fY0RmZ Hereward Tilton on AF http://bit.ly/eaJLkL

Atalanta Fugiens-17th century multimedia:alchemical emblems each with its own poem and fugue,this edition has the music http://bit.ly/gcMTFM
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