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large collection of Alchemy tweets - links and references

Unfortunately it's hard for us to understand the brilliance, originality, + heuristic power of alchemical metaphors b/c we got K-12 Science.

I like that Jung was groping toward a way of describing Alchemical myths in terms of accidental/unconscious insights into psych. processes

Alchemists were trying to tune us into proto-scientific/philosophical+applied ways of thinking far more interesting than "spiritual alchemy"

# It's ironic that many spiritual alchemy interpretations join anti-alchemy scoffers in failing to take seriously physical-theory dimensions.

Alchemy was medieval matter theory... although it was seen as more of a mechanical trade/craft than an intellectual discipline like physics.

Esoteric Diagram Art: Goetia http://bit.ly/i5ayv4 http://bit.ly/f645gK Dee's Enochian http://bit.ly/g8Rno0 Tree of Life http://bit.ly/fNEc1Y
Saturn Sigils http://bit.ly/ezKavF Sigil Method http://bit.ly/esR3yQ More Sigils http://bit.ly/i72EnX Aiq-Bkr Keypad http://bit.ly/fvWph7
Alchemy: Angel http://bit.ly/h478nh Tower http://bit.ly/f7y7HI Sky http://bit.ly/hf8z5I Lab http://bit.ly/enpIm4 Dragon http://bit.ly/hly8jT
Dee http://bit.ly/hZIZ2a Boehme http://bit.ly/e6we72 Fludd http://bit.ly/fVolmE Kircher http://bit.ly/hONYCm Llull http://bit.ly/gKJNUy
Rylands Collection spooky dark alchemical angel/hermaphrodites, planetary geometric object, green lion eating the sun http://bit.ly/hvPTJ0
Hermes 3x page updated http://alchemicaldiagrams.blogspot.com/2010/12/hermes-trismegistus.html
Super Mario Bros. Anticipated in an Alchemical Emblem (Merry Christmas to Chymical Video Gamers) http://bit.ly/hYpEpJ
esoteric studies reads-Renaissance Magic, Alchemy, Grimoire Conjuring, Art of Memory-Gbooks http://t3dy.livejournal.com/1689377.html
Giordano Bruno -related readings via Google Books Preview http://t3dy.livejournal.com/1692135.html#cutid1

davidbmetcalfe The Birds in Alchemy by Adam McLean http://ow.ly/3w8AR

William Newman, 'Thomas Vaughan as an Interpreter of Agrippa von Nettesheim', Ambix, 29 (1982), 125 – 140.

Award Winning Alchemy Scholarship http://www.ambix.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=29&Itemid=8

Paracelsus http://bit.ly/eM1upP http://bit.ly/fR0f40 http://bit.ly/hJPZub http://bit.ly/dLiJ9X http://bit.ly/flJyNV http://bit.ly/hJpIM6
“Demystifying Paracelsus: Rescuing Theophrastus from Scholarly Misappropriation”. Presented by: Dane Thor Daniel
Charles Webster - Paracelsus http://yalepress.yale.edu/yupbooks/reviews.asp?isbn=9780300139112 blurbs
Paracelsus on Baptism and the Acquiring of the Eternal Body http://bit.ly/ejDH85 Dane Thor Daniel
Paracelsus: Medicine, Magic, and Mission at the End of Time http://www.timeshighereducation.co.uk/story.asp?storyCode=405696&sectioncode=26
A Philosophical Path-Paracelsian Medicine http://muse.jhu.edu/login?uri=/journals/journal_of_the_history_of_philosophy/v043/43.4daniel.html
Paracelsus' "Astronomia Magna" (1537/38) : Bible-based science and the religious roots of the scientific revolution http://bit.ly/fgAZtL
Paracelsus's conception of seeds: rethinking Paracelsus's ideas of body and matter. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19244713

Alchemy discussed in a BBC radio show http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p003k9bn Peter Forshaw, Lauren Kassell, Stephen Pumfrey

Leah DeVun. Prophecy, Alchemy, and the End of Time: John of Rupescissa in the Late Middle Ages. http://bit.ly/gJBFaD review


http://www.bitsofnews.com/content/view/4405/ Crucibles manufactured in the Hessen region of Germany were renowned for their durability...

# http://unhypnotize.com/recent-modern-history/12517-alchemy-nova-newtons-dark-secrets.html

Alchemy - Free Ebooks (zip files) http://www.occult-underground.com/alchemy.html


Nice writeup of a few alchemy lectures http://www.preoccupations.org/2006/11/alchemy.html


Islamic Alchemy in the Context of Islamic Science http://www.alchemywebsite.com/islam.html


Pamela H. Smith said alchemy “was the matter theory of its day” and was “incredibly multilayered+therefore a powerful way of viewing nature”

“Most chemists are interested not so much in theory as in making substances with particular properties. -Lawrence Principe

“What do chemists do? They like to make stuff,” Dr. Principe said.


# Transforming the Alchemists http://www.nytimes.com/2006/08/01/science/01alch.html 2006 Philadelphia Alchemy Conference


Moonlighting as a Conjurer of Chemicals http://www.nytimes.com/2010/10/12/science/12newton.html?_r=1&ref=science (Newton's Alchemy)

excerpt from William R. Newman, Promethean Ambitions http://www.press.uchicago.edu/Misc/Chicago/577120.html Alchemy: Artificial vs. Natural

The Poisoning of William Blake http://blog.deborahblum.com/?p=273

Newton's Alchemy and Contemporary Critiques of Science http://www.provocate.org/?p=11599



Shunyata_Kharg @t3dy Interesting. Here in Catalonia Aqua Ragia/Spirit of turpentine is still called "Aiguarràs" http://ca.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aiguarr%C3%A0s

alchemical psych chatter on Rosarium Philosophorum http://kaleidoscope-forum.org/talk/index.php?topic=1799.390

Stanton Linden, "Alchemy, Allegory and Eschatology in the 17th Century" http://bit.ly/eXuXMt in Darke Heiroglyphics

Edward Kelley's Heiroglyph + Basil Valentine's Emblem as Key http://bit.ly/fR7GO6 in Emblems and alchemy By Alison Adams, Stanton J. Linden

William R. Newman, “The Homunculus and His Forebears: Wonders of Art and Nature,” in Natural Particulars http://bit.ly/hIqBBz
William R. Newman -- "Artificial Life and the Homunculous" in Promethean Ambitions http://bit.ly/eO8lCc
William R. Newman -- "Alchemy and the Art-Nature Debate" in Promethan Ambitions http://bit.ly/hetkNp
Retrying 17thC. Alchemy http://bit.ly/brMvDK How to Write about Alchemy workshop http://bit.ly/igGvTh 18thC. Chymistry http://bit.ly/gBwger
Number, Weight, Measure and Experiment in Chymistry http://bit.ly/eFAINs Alchemy Tried in the Fire: Starkey, Boyle and the Fate of Helmontian Chymistry
Gehennical fire: the lives of George Starkey, an American alchemist in the Scientific Revolution By William R. Newman http://bit.ly/fe8ZP0
William R. Newman http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/visualscience/2010/07/09/garage-alchemy-is-not-for-the-weak-of-stomach/
William R. Newman: "Alchemy, Domination, + Gender" in A House Built on Sand: Exposing Postmodernist Myths about Science http://bit.ly/hu9MXh
Lawrence M. Principe: Reflections on Newton's Alchemy in Light of the New Historiography of Alchemy http://bit.ly/h6uRMi
Distilling knowledge: alchemy, chemistry, and the scientific revolution - By Bruce T. Moran http://bit.ly/fOIioe
Lawrence Principe on metaphor, "Revealing Analogies: Descriptive+Deceptive Roles of Sexuality+Gender in Latin Alchemy" http://bit.ly/e76mwf
Lawrence Principe and William R. Newman -- Some Problems with the Historiography of Alchemy http://bit.ly/gnumdT
Peter Forshaw, "Alchemical Exegesis: Fractious Distillations of the Essence of Hermes" http://bit.ly/eetQsy in Principe Chymists+Chymistry
Bruce Moran"The Less Well Known Libavius:Spirits Powers and Metaphors in the Practice of Knowing Nature" http://bit.ly/h0XpWe

Wouter Hanegraaff,Pseudo-Lullian Alchemy+Mercurial Phoenix:Correggio... De lapide philosophico http://bit.ly/f1pBb2 Chymists+Chymistry
Urszula Szulakowska: The Semiotic Structures of Renaissance Alchemical Imagery http://bit.ly/gjGmCG in The Alchemy of Light
The book of the secrets of alchemy By Constantinus (Pisanus), Barbara Obrist http://bit.ly/gFLoyE
Prospero's America: John Winthrop, Jr., alchemy, and the creation of New England culture, 1606-1676 http://bit.ly/ekAE2M
Prophecy, alchemy, and the end of time: John of Rupescissa in the late Middle Ages By Leah DeVun http://bit.ly/h4S701
"Human Heaven" John of Rupescissa's Alchemy at the End of the World Leah DeVun http://bit.ly/e0HSK4
"The atomism of Libavius was a rather evasive hybrid of alchemy, Renaissance Neoplatonism+Aristotelian mixture theory" http://bit.ly/hccOp8

Allison Coudert, "Probing Women and Penetrating Witchcraft in Early Modern Europe" http://bit.ly/fsjWr7
the metaphor of torturing nature is prevalent in the alchemical tradition http://bit.ly/foUAVZ

Atalanta Fugiens in "Emblems and Alchemy" http://bit.ly/dF0Y42 Frances Yates http://bit.ly/dY7KWm Joscelyn Godwin http://bit.ly/fMooXB
Urszula Szulakowsi on Atalanta Fugiens http://bit.ly/ex6S3y Versluis on AF http://bit.ly/fY0RmZ Hereward Tilton on AF http://bit.ly/eaJLkL
Atalanta Fugiens-17th century multimedia:alchemical emblems each with its own poem and fugue,this edition has the music http://bit.ly/gcMTFM
Alchemical Music of Michael Maier http://bit.ly/hNfPp0 in Alchemy Revisited
Michael Maier - bio bibliographical material http://bit.ly/e5xAEF in Alchemy Revisited

@abbascastrensis dragon's hoard... that reminds me of an alchemy blog post I almost forgot I should do... thanks for the kind words

# abbascastrensis Thanks for sharing the dragon's hoard inside your head & the HT: @t3dy

# http://newhumanist.org.uk/2458/inside-the-mind-of-scientologys-messiah

# heidiko44 Mircea Eliade on the 3 Types of Shamanic Initiation http://bit.ly/ek4K2m via @sacredflow: @Holly59: @davidbmetcalfe: @shamanswell


http://jungcurrents.com/the-green-lion/ Wednesday,

short article - The Grimoire Tradition http://wicca.avalonia.co.uk/?page_id=349

http://www.labyrinthdesigners.org/hermetic-pictures/atalanta-fugiens-terra-alba-foliata/ RT @t3dy

# VesselofHermes The Fire of Venus: http://ow.ly/3tl3r via @t3dy

Albertus Magnus http://bit.ly/fz9j7y in Story of Alchemy and Early Chemistry By John Maxson Stillman
Albertus Magnus on analysis + synthesis http://bit.ly/dS2Wns in Transformation of the psyche: the symbolic alchemy of the Splendor solis
Petrus Bonus: 26 Arguments vs. Alchemy + Responses http://bit.ly/eraOyK
Albertus Magnus http://bit.ly/hJUkZV in Dictionary of Alchemy : From Maria Prophetessa to Isaac Newton By Mark Haeffner
A.E. Waite on Albertus Magnus and Alchemy http://bit.ly/hhk8HH
Albertus Magnus on Alchemy in Holmyard http://bit.ly/exmsR9
Medieval Alchemy http://bit.ly/gpcgxp in Alchemy, its science and romance By John Edward Mercer (1921)
Portrait of Albertus Magnus http://bit.ly/gRz2j5 in Alchemy Ancient and Modern By H. Stanley Redgrove
Albertus Magnus and Alchemy http://bit.ly/dZmQpt Pearl Kibre in Albertus Magnus and the Sciences

RT @t3dy: Alchemy Symbolism and Imagery forum http://www.alchemydiscussion.com/view_forum.php?id=2

alchemy e-cards http://www.fire-serpent.com/cards/alchemy.html

Alchemy Symbolism and Imagery forum http://www.alchemydiscussion.com/view_forum.php?id=2

http://www.istanbul-yes-istanbul.co.uk/alchemy/Rosariumfinal.htm Hierosgamos Theme in Images of Rosarium Philosophorum by Karen-Claire Voss Monday,

Jungian transference + alchemy http://www.mpuuc.org/services/JungRosarium.html

Rather than make false claims about intentions of medieval Other, contemporary spiritual Alchemy should embrace accidental nature of reading Monday,
Spiritual Alchemy is not on solid footing assuming that Alchemy has always been what they want it to be--any agreement is accidental.
Spiritual/Mental/Internal Alchemy interpretation would do better to admit that many interpretations are useful that weren't intended by alch Monday,

davidbmetcalfe @t3dy yeah, I'm really glad you pointed out that Newman's work, it truly opens up a lot of unexamined areas.
davidbmetcalfe @t3dy to swing one way or the other takes away from the meaning. The psych. model of alchemy misses that it's only psych. because...it deals with physical forces, which can climb the ladder of existence via allegory.
@davidbmetcalfe still working on finding time to read Sasha's thesis on Maier, great food for our alchemy+myth conversation. Initiation...
@davidbmetcalfe fantastical+spiritualist, as well as surrealist+druggy interpretations of alchemy are part of the peculiarly Modern concept
@davidbmetcalfe I do think it's very important to emphasize that this wrong view I'm criticizing is nevertheless part of our view of alchemy
@davidbmetcalfe we need a subtler, dare I say alchemical? method of disentangling (without "separating") physical from mystical/mental

@davidbmetcalfe you raise a great point with Sufism comparison. Idries Shah study runs into problems disentangling from, or isolating psych.
@davidbmetcalfe The biggest problem with Jung is he assumes alchemists were unconcscious psychologists. I like alchemical AWARENESS
@davidbmetcalfe Hereward Tilton made an excellent point that with Michael Maier it seems the psychological dimension wasn't lost on him.
@davidbmetcalfe on alchemical metaphor from history of science perspective see Principe http://bit.ly/e76mwf Moran http://bit.ly/h0XpWe
@davidbmetcalfe Newman and Principe have done a great job showing how alchemical metaphor+symbolism really worked, debunking radical interp.
@davidbmetcalfe ...I don't think we should categorize alchemy as a fundamentally mythic or mystical way of thinking in current/New Age mode
@davidbmetcalfe I would love to know how contemplation of the physical alchemical work really influenced the thinking of alchemists, but...
@davidbmetcalfe my point is not that we should jettison any concept of alchemical mysticism. Just unhistorical ones...
@davidbmetcalfe I'm not suggesting discarding any "mystical" view held by alchemists themselves.I'm saying our concept of mysticism ain't it

@davidbmetcalfe Newman's book shows that alchemists have always been interested in bioethics issues not unlike our contemporary problems
@davidbmetcalfe in terms of looking at alchemy for thinking contemporary science William R. Newman's Promethean Ambitions is one of the best
@davidbmetcalfe Frances Yates' "writing of history" critics miss the point by arguing that "occultism is anti-science" or irrational
@davidbmetcalfe Yates' work is still important today insofar as she demonstrated roots of scientific revolution in "magic" but whose magic?

It is more difficult to convince readers of alchemical texts that there is secret spiritual significance when they see how words mean things
It is easy to fool people who don't want to take the trouble to actually read Alchemy texts and learn how symbols mean things. But scholars-
Alchemy's aura of cool on the other hand depends more on its seemingly surrealist semiotic + strange symbolism not chemical advances+reality
Alchemy deserves respect first+foremost because of what it contributed to physical science, second for magic, mythic+literary contributions.
The view in mainstream history of science that Alchemy was probably mostly just medieval physical science doesn't do injustice to Alchemy.
To point out that Jungian claims are mistaken + that we can't locate a Jungian esotericism in alchemical texts is not to reduce to physical.
Most alchemical mystifications were intended to fool only the initiated, make perfect sense once decoded.Why lie+say essence is mystificate?
We can identify dozens of alchemy, many shrouded in legend, most almost entirely about physical science, none grant magical powers.
Alchemy has a wonderful variety throughout history, but it was never this silly mystic thing that contemporary fantasists want to say it is.
I'm sympathetic to those who want to riff on alchemy as spiritual/psychological grist for the mill but not anachronistic/unhistorical claims
Alchemy is not interesting as some super-duper mystical science with ultimate grokking power. It is interesting for its own particular virtu
Why do so many bad introductions wax eloquent about alchemy as if it somehow penetrated all mysteries? Doesn't that ruin mystery?
I think Alchemy is very cool, compelling, and interesting, may even contain profound art+wisdom, but I'm no cultist + haven't drunk kool-aid

other favorites for gazing meditation include Cusa+Pico/Fludd+Kircher geocosmos, Alchemy 15th-17th c. Lull+Bruno memory diagrams, PLW Angels

@kimcascone I think it's a nice effort to do Jungian alchemy, which I see as its own esotericism + doesn't need to be historically accurate.
@kimcascone I met the author of Black Sun at an alchemy conference. We talked about how Jungians aren't so welcome at science history meets.

@allengreenfield I had a beer w/a Bavarian scholar who studied 18th c. Illuminati, thought they were like Scientology: $ for alchemy secrets

@andrewjecklin Let me know if you have any questions about alchemy studies. I've met many of the best people in the field, read a lot of it.
@andrewjecklin I've never read a convincing argument for spiritual/mental/psychological alchemy that relied on a text after the 19th century
@andrewjecklin yeah "inner alchemy" is a modern figment. see my alchemy links for some good reads http://t3dy.livejournal.com/1691121.html
@t3dy for clarity: you mean that alchemy was never divided up like that, or something else? 2011 is a return to books, so thanks
@andrewjecklin "subject is abused" b/c there's no source for inner alchemy. it's ALL made up! Glad you enjoy the Pico tweets thanks for that
@andrewjecklin on the other hand, I have no problem finding much of what I'm looking for in historians of science/art/ideas on alchemy.

@soundhunter yup plenty of sham authors on alchemy. I stick to mostly scholarly sources but read+research for fun in fake alchemy.Jung's fun
@soundhunter there's interesting work on alchemy + gender symbolism/metaphors in cultural context. see Newman+Principe http://bit.ly/ePRAr3
@soundhunter but the sad truth is alchemy was mostly male dominated. except antiquity-legendary inventor Mariah the Jewess, pseudo-Kleopatra
@soundhunter Have you read Jung's writings on eastern alchemy? or Holmyard? There's plenty of good information, medium difficulty reads.
@soundhunter any understanding we have of Taoist alchemy is part translation+part made up, but we benefit from excellent scholarship+taoists
@t3dy I knew of a few people who practices a more modern form of Taoist alchemy that seemed to get pretty messed up.
@shrineshrine my limited exp w/ some "dangerous" taoist alchemy breathing/visualization/ASC practices: any spooky heat passes pretty quickly soundhunter @t3dy I'm thinking of Taoist alchemy, which isn't made up, though like everywhere, many great teachings lost during historical upheavels
@soundhunter Any contemporary alchemical occultism is made up, hard to comment on safety of imagination, but 17th cent. alchemy is great art
soundhunter soundhunter @t3dy how "dangerous" is playing with alchemy? Heard of a few people going crazy. Stay away from investigating Taoist alchemy out of caution

glad I didn't know Coil's Angelic Conversations has readings of my favorite Sonnets. my Senior seminar project was alchemy+irony in Sonnets.

My job as a teacher in Alchemy or Magic as "Art and Religion" class not to sell students mysticism but empower them to study text themselves
I'm especially interested in the problem because so many of the meanings of alchemy we take for granted postdate the medieval alchemists.
Just as alchemists must be careful, follow strict and rigorous methods ensuring experiment doesn't go awry,so must alchemy reader avoid trap

@clerestories it's interesting that earlier alchemists didn't have to deal with responding to protoscientific attacks on "enthusiasm"
@clerestories one must take into account that critique of alchemy in17th-18th century.but earlier alchemists made advances despite pre-sci.

I haven't found much info on Bruno's critique of Alchemy(but there's much on his Atomism) IIRC he thinks it doesn't cut deep/abstract enough

mystic_banana If alchemy is to chemistry, and astrology is to astronomy, what is theurgy to?: astrology, alchemy and astrology... http://bit.ly/ffT4Vq
@mystic_banana theurgy isn't a mystical version of a science like alchemy is to chemistry or astrology is to astronomy.it's religious ritual

Giordano Bruno - Ars Reminiscendi http://esotericarchives.com/bruno/reminis.htm

Aesch-Mezareph (Alchemical-Kabbalistic text) http://www.levity.com/alchemy/aesch.html
109 Alchemical Processes http://www.alchemywebsite.com/alch-pro.html
VesselofHermes Stanton Linden, "Alchemy, Allegory and Eschatology in the 17th Century" http://bit.ly/eXuXMt in Darke Heiroglyphics via @t3dy
Kircher and the Cabalistic Heptagon http://ricercares.livejournal.com/6986.html
The Tree of Life Considered as a Memory Theatre http://www.digital-brilliance.com/kab/theatre/theatre.htm
The Chimerical Constructions of http://arianadii.com/


insight they give into domestic spaces in which alchemy took place / forbidding+pretentious tone alchemical texts of 17th century assumed

kimcascone @soundhunter @t3dy I've been been reading a lot on alchemy and trying to formulate/map some ideas about the artistic practice of sound art

Alchemy in a feminist art-theory reader http://bit.ly/dTLTdW

The Signs article doing feminist alchemy art analysis "Outrunning Atalanta" was scarce last I checked, dug up a microfilm to look at it.

# http://www.chemheritage.org/community/periodic-tabloid/2010-10-15-alchemy-in-the-news.aspx

chatter about 2006 alchemy conference, others http://www.alchemywebsite.com/a-archive_aug06.html
Alchemy article in italic green text http://www.zyworld.com/DrBernardSButler/Alchemy.htm
Susanna Akerman: Christina of Sweden (1626-1689), the Porta Magica and the Italian poets of the Golden and Rosy Cross. http://bit.ly/ek0x8I
kimcascone @t3dy Grinnell, Robert; ALCHEMY IN A MODERN WOMAN, Spring Publications, New York, 1973.
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