ennui is for suckers (t3dy) wrote,
ennui is for suckers

Projects I'm working on this year(ish) + would like to get finished

Philip K. Dick and Esotericism - introductory book putting themes in context
History of Magic for English Learners lectures - companion book
Alchemical Art Appreciation - making the blog into a book
Twitter+ios apps (got a hacker buddy interested, not gonna spoil it)
Pico della Mirandola's angelology and neoplatonism - long essay/short book
cover songs on guitar (for health!)
Dedicated book review blog
revise conference talks for submission to academic journals
sell 1000 or so books to get my library down to size (inquiries welcome!)

More ambitious projects that I'll need to develop further/locate partners
Alchemy Board Game - need to design lots of cards/tiles, find an artist
PKD Tarot - have major arcana, need minors, write a lotta text, find an artist
Magical Latin - grammar textbook and compilation of phrases/texts
fantasy novel involving dragons, themes from early modern history of science
SF short fiction? (hammering out some idea, oh but it's so hard...)
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