ennui is for suckers (t3dy) wrote,
ennui is for suckers

LJ Renewal Movement

Cheers to charlotte93 for suggesting an LJ Renaissance. I used to love this place and met a lot of my best folks here. Some very cool people are still posting. So I'll try to get back to mine and put some good stuff here about what I've been thinking and doing. How to catch up on the last few years? A lot of the news is not good, unfortunately (I'll just mention the tip of the iceberg). I got laid off from the ESL teaching job I loved this year, and haven't been having much success on the hunt. Get in touch with me if you know anybody who needs tutoring or writing help! My experience is with college level ESL but I've also worked with K-12, college, and grad students on all sorts of projects. Right now I'm tutoring some international students who are going to aviation grad school, and working on a restaurant business plan. But the work is slow and I need to get a nice website, business card, flyer situation happening. Writing hasn't been going great either, although I have so much "free time" lately. I'm trying to get this "PKD and Esotericism" book done so I can publish it. Have gotten a few interesting PKD-related opportunities I'll detail later, and had the chance to hang out with Erik Davis a few times in recent years and talk PKD, which has been very cool. Getting back into reading fiction, which I didn't do for a long time when I was immersed in alchemical/kabbalistic researches. Super enjoyed the Game of Thrones books, getting back into KSR and space opera. Working on various podcast projects including an "esoteric library talk" one that will hopefully in some small way redeem the vast basement of lonely shelves that I otherwise neglect. Housework has been piling up so I'm getting into listening to "dungeon crawling" music from my favorite old games as I attack that problem. I want to get the house nice and set up for video and podcast projects, now that I have a nice recorder/phone. How have y'all been doing?
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