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ennui is for suckers
16 July 1980
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"I am not sure that I exist, actually. I am all the writers that I have read, all the people that I have met, all the women that I have loved; all the cities that I have visited, all my ancestors." -Borges

"What do you know about me, given that I believe in secrecy? ... If I stick where I am, if I don't travel around, like anyone else I make my inner journeys that I can only measure by my emotions, and express very obliquely and circuitously in what I write. ... Arguments from one's own privileged experience are bad and reactionary arguments." -Deleuze

"Talking about things that are understandable only weighs down the mind"
Alfred Jarry

"don't deepen the plane"
Chaldean Oracles

"Everyone's a little queer. why can't she be a little straight?" -Rivers Cuomo

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artist, scholar, mystic, gamer, head, [consumer]
aspiring academic, employed as a substitute teacher
(I like to joke that at least K-12 students are more
mature than the last variety I taught--grad students)
formerly a pizza delivery + airporter driver-my career
mysteriously followed that of The Onion's Jim Anchower

I tend to think in "weird" allegory (much of it code/private)
Be warned that this journal is written in a cryptic shorthand.
I'm less active on LJ now as work+school+family keep me very busy

I'm recently married to Meredith fleckerbug.
before i met her i didn't believe in love at first sight.
our daughter Brenna Rose was born
March 21, 2004. She weighed 1 pound
Brenna died in our arms on Saturday
10-23-04 at around 11 am.
we miss her very much.

here are some nice
pictures of Brenna
We have four cats named Inanna and Persephone (sisters),
Zeus Asmodeus and Nibbler/Freya. Zeus is a boy with blue eyes.

I was born and raised in the lovely Sonoma Valley [of the Moon]
educated at UC Davis, english degree + philosophy minor
(some music, comp. lit and hebrew, also religion and anthropology)

My school is the graduate theological union" in berkley.
Soon I'll finish an M.A. degree in "art and religion" with thesis set in 16th century.

this summer I'm teaching summer school at Richmond High, while studying Italian for a big test I must take before starting my MA thesis. to the finish.

last summer I took the UC Berkeley Summer Latin Workshop
June 11th-August 17th: 8 hours a day of latin study! Got a C. Met cool people.

I'm still/currently working on papers about Abraham Abulafia's use of kabbalistic theurgy language; John Dee, Nicholas of Cusa and Proclus' Euclid; Giordano Bruno and Plotinus' "countermagic," Thomas Aquinas' angel and renaissance platonic magic. Other projects include a language primer for magicians (latin part of it well-seeded so far), an alchemical boardgame (my cousin has prepared some art), a few SF author themed tarot decks (backburner) and a collection of short essays about Aleister Crowley (doing some comparative work with the Timothy Leary bio lately).

In my last semester of MA coursework I did courses on Proclus (Elements, Parmenides commentary), Nicholas of Cusa (De non Aliud, de Visione dei, conjectures), Jewish Thought Ancient to Medieval [detouring in Ancient Near Eastern Myth studies], and "The Holy Tongue" which is about Jewish attitudes toward Hebrew/Language thru history. reading blackout stuff like Naomi Seidman's recent, Boyarin's "Carnal Israel." Having burnt out a bit on some of the contemporary heady post-linguistic turn stuff I'm trying to move from the mystical language lens to an understanding of medieval theories of mental representation for a methodolatry.

last January I took a course on Jewish Magic from one of Daniel Boyarin's PhD students. There's lots of great stuff going on in late ancient magic studies.

previous fall while "in thesis" I studied Plotinus, Medieval Idealism vs. Realism (Agent Intellect in a 14th century text), Italian, and also did a special course reading antique medieval jewish mystical texts (Hekhalot/Merkava "throne mysticism" angel liturgy etc.) while also student-teaching a class I designed called "magical traditions" to MA+MDiv students.

Here is Alchemy Class: the web presence of a "Visual Art in Alchemy" course I taught Fall 05. (many internet people have joined and I still post occasionally--all are welcome)

Around the time I first started grad school I made this linksite.
(on the LJs below are another few linksites worth of links)
Ted's Esoteric Studies Links
(to obtain all the links at once it can be downloaded as a single file somehow)

research interests:
Alchemical Illustrations (esp. 17th century) and the question of "Spiritual Alchemy" ... Jewish Mysticism and appropriations such as Christian Cabala and Golden Dawn Qabala ... Neoplatonic (Plotinus, Iamblichus, Proclus, Pseudo-Dionysius) influences on Renaissance Magic (Ficino, Pico, Reuchlin, Agrippa)
Magic/Mysticism/Religion and the "History [and Philosophy] of Science" (Giordano Bruno, John Dee Leibniz, Isaac Newton)... post-Frances Yates scholarship on Western Esotericism (esp. the generation of Hanegraaff)
recently I'm emailing professors and looking for advice about doing PhD studies in Renaissance Magic somehow. You got any? Dream place is UCLA to work with Brian Copenhaver and Michael Allen (John Dee scholar Deborah Harkness is nearby down south too). I might be forced to go to some extreme university up north, or back east, or across the pond, which would be dreadful far. I probably will just hold off on PhD studies for awhile and work teaching jobs.

[to sum up what I do using other people as sunthemata (anagogic initiatory symbols):] scholars i've met and think are cool (and how they intersect my interests) Allison Coudert: [Christian] Kabbalah and 17th century philosophy (leibniz, conway, helmont). Stephen Clucas: a "practicing historian" sorting out the historiography of the magics of Dee and Bruno, subtle and no nonsense.
Christopher Lehrich: Agrippa's philosophy of language: magic and the spectre of logocentrism Elliot Wolfson: kabbalah makes poststructuralism intelligible, also my favorite abulafia book. Peter Forshaw: sharp analysis of alchemical dimensions of Khunrath's deep text/image/art Wouter Hanegraaff: research paradigms beyond [anti-]esoteric polemic. other scholars I dig very much:
Brian Copenhaver, Moshe Idel, Gregory Shaw, Stuart Clark

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"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro." -Hunter S. Thompson

other online journals I keep (mostly writing - notes and quotes)
"literary" http://www.livejournal.com/~dataddict
essay notes http://www.livejournal.com/~euclideancastle
ritual magic http://www.livejournal.com/~gdorn

thank you in advance for your witty, carefully crafted
and/or spontaneous responses, comments, replies, etc.
these things are hard to find these days and it helps
abraham abulafia, academic study of magic, agent intellect, agrippa, akira kurosawa, alan watts, alchemical illustrations, alchemy, aleister crowley, alex grey, alice in wonderland, all indians no chiefs, anamnesis, angelology, anthropology, aristotle, art of memory, athanasius kircher, bach, bill hicks, bjork, black iron prison, borges, bronze age, built to spill, charles tart, chretien de troyes, christian cabala, coen brothers, combinatory arts, crpg as fiction medium, danny elfman, david byrne, david cronenberg, dead can dance, designer board games, detective stories, doctor who, douglas adams, dune, early modern matter theory, ebichu the housekeeping hamster, economics of ancient rome, emblems, ergodic literature, faeries, ficino, fictional magic systems, finnegans wake, firefly, firesign theater, frances yates, futurama, giordano bruno, hakim bey, heinrich khunrath, hellenic paganism, henri corbin, heraclitus, holy man in-late-antiquity, iamblichus, ioan couliano, j.r. "bob" dobbs, james joyce, john dee, john milton, julian jaynes, kabbalah, leibniz, levinas, little tin frog, lo-fi bedroom rock, mary timony, mates of state, math rock, medieval clerical underground, medieval philosophy, michael maier, mirah, monty python, mythology, neal stephenson, neolithic shamanism, neoplatonism, new media studies, northern exposure, occult philosophy, oingo boingo, patanjali, pataphysics, pedro the lion, peter cook, philip k. dick, pikmin, plato, plotinus, prehistory, primus, proclus, radiohead, reality breakdown, renaissance magic, richard kiekhefer, robert anton wilson, robert fludd, rumi, rush, schoenberg, sealab 2021, shakespeare, spaced, stargazing, sufism, sumerian theology and magic, surrealism, swedenborg, tao te ching, teaching stories, terence mckenna, terry gilliam, the beatles, the jesus lizard, the princess bride, the residents, the teaching company, theorizing myth, theurgy, they might be giants, thomas aquinas, timothy leary, tom robbins, tool, tori amos, ultima, ultima_underworld2 labyrinth-of-worlds, van helmont, video game music, videodrome, walter benjamin, weezer (pre-green), wes anderson, western esotericism, william blake, william s. burroughs, witchcraft, wouter hanegraaff, zardoz

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